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(What They’re Talking About Our Company?)

"We have used 4MANN ACP sheets in our various projects and the quality of the ACP sheets was good, as an end consumer we are satisfied with the performance and the durability of the product".


~CBM Industries Pvt Ltd

"Our IOCL petrol pump for RVI (retail visual identity) and high mast are made using 4MANN Aluminum Composite Panel and we are fully satisfied with the product and service provided by the company. We Wish them luck for their future".


~Design Dialogues (India) Pvt Ltd

Testimonial given by CBM industires for good acp material
Testimonial given by Design Dialogues for good quality of acp sheets

"We have been using 4MANN ACP for fabrication and installation at Pinkai Projects- Viceroy Bldg Chembur 17000 Sqft. The product and service provided by 4MANN were up to the mark and we look forward to working with them in the future".


Testimonial given by pinaki projects that high quality material was used by 4mann group
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