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Fire Retardant Aluminum Composite Panel in India

A 'Fire Retardant Aluminum Composite Panel' is a type of building material that is used for walls and ceilings. It is made up of two thin sheets of aluminum with a core material in between. The special thing about this panel is that it has been designed to slow down the spread of fire.

The term 'fire retardant' means that the panel has been treated with chemicals or additives to make it less likely to catch fire or burn quickly. If a fire starts nearby, this type of panel helps to delay the fire from spreading, giving people more time to escape and firefighters more time to respond.

Overall, it is a safety measure to protect buildings and people in case of a fire.

Features Of 4MANN FR ACP Class B 


  • Low weight compared to FR class A – Minimum load on the facade

  • Ease on fabrication, routing and bending compared to FR class A

  • Low Smoke remittance – Save lives

  • Low remittance of toxic gases

  • Reduces fire intensity – No large-scale damages

  • Provides enough time for evacuation – upto 120 min as per ASTM EN 119

Aluminum composite panel composition chart
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