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Mr. Suresh Gala

Managing Director

The Eurobond Industries Pvt Ltd was conceived in 2002. This was an amazing adventure of a young idealist, along with a few of his staff members. EIPL commenced its journey with a decisive dedication to create a distinction in the pursuit of providing high quality, meaningful dwellings.

EIPL grew due to the consistent hard work and dedication of its people, and is now a leader and pioneer ACP – manufacturer in India. The company enjoys an enviable reputation for the quality of its products, creative designs, and affordable prices. EIPL acquired a reputation for distinctive and high quality products and services as well as for being reliable and dependable.

As a business house, EIPL has always practiced and maintained high ethical standards. Besides, the company has built a competent professional team. The initial phase encountered teething troubles of the usual nature, but determination, an ability to put in long hours, patience, and an ability to take risks steered EIPL through the challenges; emerging as a name to reckon with in society.

EIPL journey wasn't a smooth ride but was marked with several ups and downs, each time facing monumental obstacles but emerging stronger and healthier. EIPL has taken many steps which were - halting, faltering, failing, rejoicing and in the process delivered unmatched landmarks in this historic city of India.

EIPL has also earned the reputation of being ethical and value-based organization having a very unconventional and dynamic leadership. The Corporate values ingrained in EIPL organization are derived from an unfailing and consistent commitment of the leader who promotes the virtues of hard-work, operational freedom and who leads by personal example.

EIPL has a well-defined structure. The functional departments are populated by clearly demarcated roles and responsibilities and specified inter-functional linkages. Capabilities are consciously assessed and cultivated and dispersed across levels of the organization.

EIPL has carefully crafted its organization that mutually leverages people's strengths and adjusts for deficiencies in capabilities. EIPL people are competent individuals with demonstrated abilities and some with creditable performance credentials for the nature of its industry. A fair degree of employment stability exists, a good loyalty among its members, and coupled with an ethical code, is exemplary for its industry.